Handmade incense by HYUN GI. Traditionally made by using only woods, herbs, resins, and oils. Items are handmade, and might slightly differ from another.


Incense pellets were primarily used in Japan and China, its first uses were to preserve herbal medicines with honey. It is a noncombustible incense, meaning it's not to be actually burned, but heated with a charcoal and mica plate over a bed of white ash to release its fragrance. 


These incense pellets are made with dried plum soaked in wine, and blended with honey, red sandalwood, dong quai, musk, and then aged for several months.


20x incense pellets + informational accordion zine in a ceramic jar

(These are the incense pellets only! You need white ash, charcoal, mica plates, and a burner to heat the pellets. There is also a kit in the shop that includes everything but the burner)


Click here for a demo on how to set up your burner for incense pellets. 

(If you don't have incense ceremony tools, you can just use a spoon or butter knife to press the ash. The ash needs to be pressed lightly, not compacted)


Jar Dimensions:

" width

" height

Plum + White Musk Incense Pellets

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